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1. 李嘉旭美国路易维尔大学报告题目An overview of mathematical problems and modeling in diabetes related topics

2. 徐瑞山西大学报告题目Transmission dynamics of cholera with hyperinfectious and hypoinfectious vibrios: mathematical modelling and control strategies

3. 汪翔升 美国路易斯安娜大学报告题目Numerical optimal control of a size structured PDE model for metastatic cancer treatment

4. 楼一均香港理工大学报告题目Two models for the impact of competition on population growth

5. 刘桂荣山西大学报告题目重叠网络上疾病与信息传播动力学分析

6. 王林加拿大新布伦瑞克大学报告题目Multistability driven by inhibitory kinetics in a discrete time size structured chemistat model

7. 李建全陕西科技大学报告题目Dynamics of a Structured Predator-prey System with Predator Cannibalism

8. 舒洪英陕西师范大学报告题目Traveling waves in diffusive epidemic models with non-monotone incidence rates

9. 陈静美国诺瓦东南大学报告题目Modeling and analysis of a nonlinear age-structured model for tumor Cell Populations with Quiescence

10.  康浩美国迈阿密大学报告题目Dynamics of Population Models with Two Physiological Structures

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